Sal at the 2011 World Game Protection Conference

Sal bewilders spectators at G2E in Las Vegas with his card memory stunts

Sal At Casino Risk Forum, Melbourne, Australia
GAME PROTECTION TRAINING-We come to you! On site, job-specific programs are available for:
  • Full time Casino Supervisors and Managers- *4-, 6-, or 8-hour sessions
  • Dual-Rate Supervisor/Dealers- 4-hour session
  • Dealers- 2-hour session
  • Surveillance and Regulatory Agents- 8-hour session
*Session times can be adjusted to fit most budgetary and scheduling needs.

SECRET SHOPPER- agents with a minimum of 10 years experience play at your table games and identify security holes, equipment and procedure vulnerabilities, weak dealers and supervisors, and potential problems that can negatively affect the profitability of table games.

GUEST SPEAKER - Sal Piacente, president of UniverSal Game Protection Development, Inc. speaks on various aspects of table games and surveillance operations or personal memory enhancement. Some venues in which he was a guest speaker include:
  • G2E Asia- Macau*
  • G2E- Las Vegas*
  • World Game Protection Conference- Las Vegas*
  • Casino Risk Forum- Australia
  • Iowa Gaming Association
  • Oregon Surveillance Network
  • Canadian Association of Casino Security Directors
  • Canadian Gaming Summit & Exhibition
  • Riverboat Gaming Expo
  • N.I.G.A.
*denotes guest speaking at the annual event on multiple occasions

REFERENCE MATERIAL: coming soon... Free printouts for training sessions and study aids

VIDEO PLAY REVIEW - Are you suspicious about a certain player(s) win, whether or not it was legitimate? Contact us and we will review your footage and check for foul play.

MEMORY TRAINING - Sal Piacente can teach you and your staff methods to improve your retention skills. Remember names, lists, procedures, and number sequences (like important phone or account numbers), with little effort.
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